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About - Carmel HSS

It is run by the Carmelite sisters of St. Teresa and was started in the year 1963
as a lower primary and now successfully marching towards with the pride of bringing out the best students every year.


About Carmel Higher Secondary School

Carmel Higher Secondary School enjoys the distinction of being one of the premier centres of education in Kerala with a long record of academic, cultural, and sporting achievements. Started in the year 1963 with a noble mission as a lower primary school by the Carmelite sisters of St. Teresa, the institution continues its successful stride in the path of excellence moulding responsible and worthy young ladies year after year. The school credits itself in being futuristic and innovative in its approach to learning, at the same time drawing the expertise from its multifarious past experiences since its inception. Our attempt has always been to correlate modern facilities with a progressive education programme integrating traditional core values and scholastic achievement.

In addition to excellent infrastructure for class room learning,we have a very dedicated and well-qualified body of teaching staff who are innovative, enthusiastic and committed to delivering high-quality teaching. We also ensure that the curriculum enables students to develop the wider skills needed for higher education and the 21st century workplace.

Carmel HSS : Shine where you are...


To foster the development of each person in her uniqueness Carmel School will seek to

  • BE SENSITIVE to the needs, feelings, aspirations, values and problems of our students especially the poor.
  • DEVELOP the spirit of learning, discovery, creativity and competition in them.
  • PROMOTE faith-formation that integrates faith with life, through a value-oriented education.
  • ENABLE every person to become an agent for the promotion of justice, peace and love, in today's society
  • PROVIDE an environment for the promotion and assimilation of our culture and heritage.
  • INCULCATE the principles of universal brotherhood leading to the acceptance of the Fatherhood of God.

We endeavour to motivate, support and inspire emotional and educational growth in a safe, stress-free environment. Our aim is to mould competent students with sound moral values who are hard-working, self disciplined, responsible and sociable individuals ready to face the challenges of the world. All are respected as individuals and are encouraged to take risks, embrace opportunities to challenge themselves and fulfil their potential in a happy, supportive and tolerant environment. By the time they are set to leave the secure confines of the institution, the will have evolved into confident, independent and well-groomed personalities strong enough to deal with whatever life throws at them.

School provides the opportunity for the students to excel academically, to fulfil their all-round potential and to acquire the skills, insight and confidence to become leaders in their fields, professions and communities thus realising the school’s motto

“Shine where you are”

To work for the creation of an egalitarian society, bridging the gap between the rich and the poor through preferential love and concerted efforts for the upliftment of the less privileged,thus raising their esteem to help them don active roles while promoting the tenets of equality and universal brotherhood.

  • To provide an exceptional all-round education
  • To develop young women both through excellent academic teaching and by offering vibrant and exciting opportunities to extend their horizons.
  • To give our students opportunities and skills necessary to succeed
  • To prepare them to lead and make an exceptional contribution to the society at large.